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The Shiz University Drama Club
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Date:2007-05-25 12:05
Subject:Casting for Avenue Q
Mood: lethargic

As usual, no one participated. Unless there is a sudden surge in the next "production", I think we'll have one more after Avenue Q, and then that'll be it.
Please help with advertising! I truly believe that this group could be a lot of fun.

Casting for Avenue Q:


Kate Monster/ Lucy T Slut: mizziebabie77

Nicky/Trekkie Monster: obessed_one

Brian: rogertherockgod

Gary Coleman: gmr2broadwayChristmas Eve: deadwoodrose

The Bad Idea Bears: thelittlelisa and  miss_elaineious

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Date:2007-05-15 00:52
Subject:May 2007 Auditions!
Mood: content

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce our auditions for AVENUE Q!

Here is the cast list:

PRINCETON - a young guy who just graduated from college. He's trying to find his purpose in life.

KATE MONSTER - a twenty-something girl with a heart of gold. She falls for Princeton

NICKY - An Ernie-like guy. He's Rod's best friend, and kind of a goon.

ROD - A Bert-like guy. He's a neat freak, and possibly quite gay.

BRIAN - A thirty-something shlub who's coasting through life.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Brian's Japanese fiancee. She's a struggling therapist, and loves butting in to give advice.

GARY COLEMAN - Yes, that Gary Coleman. He's the superintedant here on Avenue Q.

LUCY THE SLUT - Yep. That sums it up.

TREKKIE MONSTER - He loves masturbating more than he loves cookies. Porn, porn, porn.

THE BAD NEWS BEARS (2) - They mean well... don't they?

Remember! Casting is color AND gender blind! Want to be Nicky, but you're a girl? No problem!

Casting ends May  20th.

To "Audition", fill out this form:

Previous roles played:
Role 'auditioning for':
Top 3 favorite shows:
Dream role:

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Date:2007-04-21 14:04
Subject:Cast List for Into the Woods
Mood: chipper

And since that was a complete bust... I'll just post it randomly... with mizziebabie77 and I in the leads, cuz we're the only ones who auditioned!

I think we could have alot of fun with this community if we got some new members, so I'm going to post invites around on different broadway communities!


The Narrator:                1weirdsister
Cinderella:                     mizziebabie77
The Witch:                      gmr2broadway
The Baker:                     aerodude07
The Baker's Wife:          famedreamer625
Jack:                                starynitesky
Jack's Mother:                lindie_upland
Little Red:                        thelittlelisa
The Stepmother:            obsessed_one
Lucinda/Florinda:           4ever_an_addict

New Auditions start early May!

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Date:2007-04-05 14:44

And because it's been over a year... (and I promise if this goes well, we'll keep it going!)...


We will be *performing* one show this season, INTO THE WOODS !
Casting is color-blind, age-blind, and gender-blind. Are you a girl who always wanted to play The Baker? No problem!!

Available Roles:

The Narrator / Mysterious Man
The Baker
The Baker's Wife
Little Red Riding Hood
LRRH's Granny
The Witch
Jack's Mother
Cinderella's Stepmother
Cinderella's Stepsister Florinda
Cinderella's Stepsister Lucinda
The Wolf / Cinderella's Prince
Rapunzel's Prince

The Deadline for casting April 15th!
To *audition* fill out this form as a comment:

Roles Performed:
Role Wanted and Why:
Top 3 Favorite Shows:
Ultimate Dream Role:

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Date:2006-02-13 10:58
Mood: thirsty

Considering only 4 people "auditioned" for AIDA, I'll automatically give them leads! I cast the rest of you completely randomly.

Aida: mizziebabe77
Radames: thelittlelisa
Amneris: elphabactress
Mereb: aerodude07
Nehebka: gmr2broadway
Zoser: obsessed_one
Pharaoh: famedreamer625
Amonasro: 1weirdsister


Guys, we can't do anything as a community unless we all participate! Lets have some fun!

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Date:2005-12-05 23:52
Subject:Second Show!
Mood: cheerful

Hello everyone! I realize that it has been WAY TOO LONG since we've done anything in this community, so here goes:

Announcing "AUDITIONS" for our winter musical!

The show will be..... ELTON JOHN AND TIM RICE'S AIDA!

Auditions will consist of you replying to this post (they will be screened for privacy), and fill out this form:
First name:
Three favorite roles you've performed:
Dream Role:
Favorite lyric from the show:

Remember, considering we're mostly females, cross-dressing is allowed! Though, obviously, a male Radames is will get preference!

Female Roles:

Male Roles:
The Pharoah

and Ensemble!

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Date:2005-07-04 21:21
Subject:New Boq on The Block

Favorite "Wicked" Song: "Defying Gravity" & "The Wizard and I"
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Elphaba, Boq.
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Hairspray, Rent, All Shook Up, Brooklyn.
Favorite Broadway Star: Idina, Cheno, Chris Fitz, Cheyenne Jackson, Jenn Gamabtese, Mark Price.
Hobbies:Singing, dancing, acting, writing.

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Date:2005-01-24 03:36

wicked_challeng is a community for the talented creativity of icon makers to participate in weekly challenges presented through the moderator. We look forward to each contest and new member!

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Date:2004-12-27 13:18
Subject:Okay, we're back!
Mood: happy

Dear Shiz University Drama Club Members,

     This is Lolaluvsya, your Club President, with a new screenname. I made the switch to Friends Only, so I decided to switch screennames as well!
    Thank you for your patience in the past few months. My plate has been more than full, but I'm anxious to get back into swing! I'm pleased to announce the Auditions for the first ever Shiz Drama Club production: West Side Story.

I'm sure you know the characters, but here is a cast list to remind you:

Still Available:
Bernardo - Maria's brother and the leader of the Sharks
Chino - Maria's suitor, Bernardo's right hand
Officer Krupke  - Silly cop
Detective Schrank  - Racist Detective who wants to bust the 2 gangs
Doc:  The weary store owner, boss of Tony.
The Jets: (one person represents them all)
The Sharks: (one person represents them all)

Tony - TAKEN by mizziebabie77
Maria - TAKEN by in_luv_wit_todd
Riff - TAKEN by gmr2broadway
Anita - TAKEN by bug_says_meep
Rosalia- TAKEN by famedreamer625

I trumped the list, because our community has 12 members, so there are 12 parts above.

I thought alot about how to cast this, and there is really no fair way to do it. I realize that most, if not all of you, are of the female persuasion, so gender will not be an issue. Neither will age, race, or anything else. This is a first come, first serve basis. It's the only way to be fair. Since I am the moderator, I will wait two days, and then choose from the remaining parts (hey, I should get choice too!)

Have fun!

Your President
Gmr2broadway (formerly Lolaluvsya)

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Date:2004-10-24 18:22

Where have we all gone??? Where are the Mods? I know Shiz had died for a while, but now it's making a return. This club really needs to get going again. Since this is drama club, we may want to choose a production to do, and start casting roles. just a thought...

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Date:2004-10-16 16:06
Mood: happy

Hello Everybody!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post another entry on ShizU_DramaClub, but I've been very busy lately! School has just started up, and I recently lost a friend.
Let me start out by introducing you all to our two new officers, SuperSarah110 (Vice President) and ElphabaActress (Secretary). They both seem very eager to help out in any way they can, which is great:) I have a lot planned for this club!!

I would like to start out by collecting everyone's email addresses. I may need to contact individuals regarding projects, so I would like to have a list ready! Also, if you have an AIM name, I would love to have that!

Here is my contact information, feel free to contact me:)
Email Address: GlindyForGood@hotmail.com
AIM Name: SwedishFishmm

*I am almost always online. If I'm not there, I put an away message up*

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Date:2004-09-11 00:44
Subject:Idina Fan?

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell all of you about a great club called So Beautiful. We are a group of Idina Menzel fans from all over! We have a website, a forum and a group on Live Journal. Right now we are working on a great project. We would like to raise money in Idina’s name for a charity of her choice. Our goal is $1,000 by the end of the year. ANY donation is appreciated!!! We are also asking all fans to buy or make a card for Idina and send it in to So Beautiful so that we can give her the cards from all of her fans at one time. (Donations can be sent inside the card) With the help of all you Idina fans, these projects should be very successful! So if you are interested in being part of So Beautiful and helping us out with our projects we’d love to hear from you! You can get more information about So Beautiful at:

The So Beautiful Web Page –

The So Beautiful Forum –

So Beautiful on Live Journal -

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Date:2004-09-05 12:55
Subject:new here
Mood: chipper

just wanted to drop a hello. as you probably guessed im a huge wicked fan as well as gregory mcguire.
thats about all for now i guess. :)

** oh yeah my icon is so not my creation i found it somewhere on lj if you made it you rock!**

Favorite "Wicked" Song: "Defying Gravity" & "The Wizard and I"
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Elphaba
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Thoroughly Modern Millie, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeny Todd, Miss Siagon, Camelot, Hairspray, Rent, Aida... and many more
Favorite Broadway Star: Sutton Foster and of course Idina
Hobbies:Singing, designing and making clothing, drawing, scuplting, shopping:)

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Date:2004-09-01 21:57
Mood: accomplished

Favorite "Wicked" Song: "Defying Gravity" and "For Good"
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Elphaba-not to sound egotistical, but she reminds me of me in many ways...
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Into the Woods, Gypsy, Phantom of the Opera, Godspell, Guys and Dolls, Big River, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Sweeney Todd, Grease, Rocky Horror, Once Upon a Matress...and way too many more
Favorite Broadway Star: Bernadette Peters, Idina Menzel, Joel Grey
Hobbies:singing, acting, dancing, reading, listening to music, LiveJournal-ing

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Date:2004-09-01 15:50
Mood: good

Well, I didn't want to get started until we had both the VP and Secretary Positions filled... but unfortunately, none of us know how to make colorbars! It is a dilemma :). I was hoping to find a friend of some member who would be willing to create graphics for us. If any of you know such a generous person, please let me know:)!

I am still looking for a Vice President, however! Knowing the whole computer-art thing is no longer required, but I do have some requested skills that this person should have. Most of all, I would like the VP to be friendly and creative, I have some ideas for us, but a fresh perspective is always helpful! The Vice President will be more of an organizational role.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Thank You:)
Shiz Drama Club President,

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Date:2004-09-01 14:31
Subject:Hello Everyone!
Mood: pleased

Name: Lisa
Age: 14
Favorite "Wicked" Song: For Good
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Elphie and Yero
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Aida, Avenue Q, L5Y, Movin' Out, Rent
Favorite Broadway Star: Adam Pascal, very close: Idina, Norbie, and John Tartaglia 
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Listening to Showtunes, Sports, Livejournaling, DDR


Glad to have joined the Shiz U Drama Club!

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Date:2004-08-31 14:46
Subject:Hello all... sorry this took so long. :)
Mood: chipper

Favorite "Wicked" Song:The Wizard And I... I just love it. It's so hopeful.
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Fab Fabala, of course.
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Avenue Q, Into The Woods, The Producers, Rocky Horror (Picture) Show, Cabaret and Rent.
Favorite Broadway Star: Idina! I also like Joel Grey, Norbs, Alan Cummings, Nathan Lane, John Tartaglia and Bernadette Peters.
Hobbies:Acting, singing, reading, writing and softball.

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Date:2004-08-31 13:31
Mood: im happy!

Name: Cathleen
Favorite "Wicked" Song: For Good
Favorite "Wicked" Character: G(a)linda
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: avenue q and into the woods.
Favorite Broadway Star: idina menzel, kristin chenoweth ( i hope i spelled that right!), and john tartaglia.
Hobbies: soccer, writing stories, reading, and singing.

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Date:2004-08-30 11:31
Mood: excited

Hey everyone! Here is a little bit about me!

Name: Kathleen
Age: 14
Favorite "Wicked" Song: For Good
Favorite "Wicked" Character: Galinda
Other Favorite Broadway Shows: Avenue Q, Chicago, Rent
Favorite Broadway Star: Stephanie D'Abruzzo! Although Kristin Chenoweth is really awesome too
Hobbies:Singing, acting, hanging out with my friends, obsessing over celebrities, surfing the net, and of course, Live Journaling!

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Date:2004-08-28 15:39

I'd just like to add that I made this background *feels proud* That is all...
--Sarah P. :D

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