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Okay, we're back!

Dear Shiz University Drama Club Members,

     This is Lolaluvsya, your Club President, with a new screenname. I made the switch to Friends Only, so I decided to switch screennames as well!
    Thank you for your patience in the past few months. My plate has been more than full, but I'm anxious to get back into swing! I'm pleased to announce the Auditions for the first ever Shiz Drama Club production: West Side Story.

I'm sure you know the characters, but here is a cast list to remind you:

Still Available:
Bernardo - Maria's brother and the leader of the Sharks
Chino - Maria's suitor, Bernardo's right hand
Officer Krupke  - Silly cop
Detective Schrank  - Racist Detective who wants to bust the 2 gangs
Doc:  The weary store owner, boss of Tony.
The Jets: (one person represents them all)
The Sharks: (one person represents them all)

Tony - TAKEN by mizziebabie77
Maria - TAKEN by in_luv_wit_todd
Riff - TAKEN by gmr2broadway
Anita - TAKEN by bug_says_meep
Rosalia- TAKEN by famedreamer625

I trumped the list, because our community has 12 members, so there are 12 parts above.

I thought alot about how to cast this, and there is really no fair way to do it. I realize that most, if not all of you, are of the female persuasion, so gender will not be an issue. Neither will age, race, or anything else. This is a first come, first serve basis. It's the only way to be fair. Since I am the moderator, I will wait two days, and then choose from the remaining parts (hey, I should get choice too!)

Have fun!

Your President
Gmr2broadway (formerly Lolaluvsya)
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