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May 2007 Auditions!

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce our auditions for AVENUE Q!

Here is the cast list:

PRINCETON - a young guy who just graduated from college. He's trying to find his purpose in life.

KATE MONSTER - a twenty-something girl with a heart of gold. She falls for Princeton

NICKY - An Ernie-like guy. He's Rod's best friend, and kind of a goon.

ROD - A Bert-like guy. He's a neat freak, and possibly quite gay.

BRIAN - A thirty-something shlub who's coasting through life.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Brian's Japanese fiancee. She's a struggling therapist, and loves butting in to give advice.

GARY COLEMAN - Yes, that Gary Coleman. He's the superintedant here on Avenue Q.

LUCY THE SLUT - Yep. That sums it up.

TREKKIE MONSTER - He loves masturbating more than he loves cookies. Porn, porn, porn.

THE BAD NEWS BEARS (2) - They mean well... don't they?

Remember! Casting is color AND gender blind! Want to be Nicky, but you're a girl? No problem!

Casting ends May  20th.

To "Audition", fill out this form:

Previous roles played:
Role 'auditioning for':
Top 3 favorite shows:
Dream role:
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